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Rose Forgrove A v Calderdale A

rich archer

Match report by Rich Archer Rose Forgrove A correspondent

Match Week 1

  • Venue: Kippax Ex-Servicemen's Club
  • Date: Saturday, 22 September 2012
Team News
Rose Forgrove A fielded a strong side for this season opener keeping with the team that played for much of last season with players doing a bit of musical chairs in terms of board order. Calderdale A were only really missing stalwart Mark Whitehead.
Match Preview
The previous encounter between these two sides last season was a close-fought 4.5-3.5 victory for Rose Forgrove A with Taka bringing home the bacon.

Rose Forgrove A finished third last season ahead of Calderdale A in fifth with two points difference between the two teams

Match Report


A tough opener for the Forgrove chaps in what is traditionally a real nip 'n' tuck encounter. Calderdale were hoping to avenge their narrow loss to Forgrove last season. But Captain Clive had other ideas......

Rose Forgrove A 5 Calderdale A 3
Name Grade Result Name Grade
Taka Chipanga 212 1 - 0 Martyn Hamer 186
Rich Archer 181 1 - 0 Phil Watson 184
Mike Round 179 0 - 1 Robert Newton 181
Mark White 176
0.5 - 0.5
Peter Mulleady 175
Roger Jennings 175 0 - 1 John Morgan 163
Andy Bagley 168 0.5 - 0.5 David Patrick 162
Clive Davies 165
1 - 0
Robert Broadbent 152
Eddie Hurwitz 158
1 - 0
Dave Colledge 139


Oh the years simply continue to roll back for Davies! Obviously having learnt a thing or two when he was playing against the great American Paul Morphy, Captain Clive fished deep within his memory banks to come up with a vintage attacking performance. Leading from the front (rekindling his Boer War days) Davies throttled his unfortunate opponent, mating him in a mere 25 moves. What better example to follow could the team ask for?


Rose Forgrove A 1-0 Calderdale A



Unfortunately for Clive his performance was quickly eclipsed by yet another (in seemingly an ever growing list) mightily impressive performance from Taka on top board. The lean and mean Chipanga machine stuffed Martyn's Catalan with some exquisite opening play resulting in the win of a pawn, and then temporarily giving it back to create what could only be described as a Mega, Godzilla-like knight in the guts of the Hamer position. Fortunately for me I am unable to focus on my own game for more then 4 seconds at a time, so was able to observe much of Taka's game sitting next board to him. It was a pleasure to watch. A real class performance


Rose Forgrove A 2 - 0 Calderdale A

Next to finish was board 6 where Andy and Dave drew their game. Andy seemed to hold an early positional advantage but this petered out quickly. Whilst on board 5, Jenninngs got 'Rogered' with a nice queen sacrifice. Actually, are there any queen sacrifices that aren't 'nice'?....oh yeah, the ones that Dave Hirst plays where they don't work. I digress, Roger was defending a tricky position and eventually allowed his opponent to sack his best piece which when taken led to a forced mate with rook.


Rose Forgrove A 2.5 - 1.5 Calderdale A

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls feast your eyes on the brand new, remodelled chess machine that is 'Fast Eddy' Hurwitz. Last season Eddy was inspired by the play of 19th century chess players whereby moves were dredged out at a rate of 1 per hour. Often the only movement during Eddy's games were when sparrows or starlings would start building a nest on his chess board, mistaking it for some unused area. The clock and Eddy didn't get on! But not this season.... his game looked good and Eddy had a slight space advantage and was ahead on the clock!! In fact, Eddy decided he was hungry and strolled into Kippax to cure his hunger pangs mid-game such was his confidence. He came back, spilled a few crumbs on the board then dispatched his opponent, having created more holes than a plumber could fix in Dave's defences.


Rose Forgrove A 3.5 - 1.5 Calderdale A

On board 4 Calderdale's Peter Mulleady must have had problems with the venue as he was nowhere to be seen as all the games started. Eventually, he turned up 20 minutes late, but ever the gentleman Mark took no advantage of this, waiting for Peter to arrive before starting the clocks. The game was quiet with little advantage for either side. Mark was aware of the match position and saw what was happening on the board just above him. Therefore, he offered a draw which was accepted. So what was occuring on board 2?.....


Rose Forgrove A 4 - 2 Calderdale A

Phil 'Elementary my dear' Watson played a Caro-Kann defence against yours truly. However, in true adventuring style Watson castled queenside to make the position sharp. Unfortunately for him I was also up for an aggressive game and went straight for the Watson king. With brutal force I opened a can of stone-cold Steve Austin whoop ass, and smashed into the Watson position. In the end Phil's position was busted and I managed to secure the match victory for Forgrove.


Rose Forgrove A 5 - 2 Calderdale A

'Cor blimey Guv'nor, I was stitched up' or so Mike Round must have thought after 20 moves of his game. A Grunfeld opening was played out at blitz speed by Big Bad Bob Newton. Having only used a couple of minutes Bob was clearly in his element here. Mike smelled a colossal rat but alas was already stuffed as Bob obtained two giant passed pawns that were even contributing to a mating attack! Mike wriggled and even managed to obtain some threats against Bob's back rank. However, Bob calmly used his big time advantage well and squeezed the life out of Mike with an inevitable mate impending.


Rose Forgrove A 5 - 3 Caldetrdale A

A good start to the season but many tough matches lay ahead......


Final Score: Rose Forgrove A 5 - 3 Calderdale A




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