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Beat The Webmaster

Welcome to the Rose Forgrove predictions challenge. As a precursor to next season I am trying out a challenge between the Rose Forgrove webmaster (me) and a great luminary of the Leeds chess scene. It will be a head-to-head contest whereby we will be attempting (possibly with laughable results) to predict the outcomes of the next set of upcoming. The scoring will be thankfully simple with 3 points awarded for a correct scoreline and 1 point for a correct match prediction (win ,draw, loss). Hopefully, if this takes off then next season we will be running a table on this with the winner taking home a prize.

My opponent this week is the Leeds A and Hebden Bridge chess superstar, Dave Shapland.

Dave has been playing in the Leeds chess league for some seasons now and has not been shy of claiming one or two notable scalps along the way. When he is not too busy blasting his opponents off the chessboard, Dave runs a couple of chess websites. One is the fantastic Hebden Bridge chess Club site and the other is his own fascinating chess blog. Through such sterling efforts Dave is helping to promote chess in Yorkshire. Keep up the good work!



The Match Predictions for matches to be played on 02/05/2012


Match 1:  Rose Forgrove 3 v Copperworks A

"By their own high standard it hasn’t been a vintage season for Copperworks ‘A’. However, Forgrove 3 are rooted to the foot of the table and I can’t imagine an outcome that doesn’t involve them losing I’m afraid."

"Copperwork’s regular board 1, Mike Walker, has been missing recently and they appear to have felt his loss keenly. If there is going to be an upset in this match then perhaps Forgrove’s top board, Warren Dennison, is most capable of providing it but that is less likely if Mike lines up for Copperworks. I’m expecting a series of solid positional victories for Copperworks."

"I’m going to go for 1-4 here."


"Well, Copperworks are certainly giving their crown up this season almost without a fight. Our second steamrollered them last week. However, Rose Forgrove 3 are finding life in the top division mighty tough, though having seen some of their matches this season they are not getting totally outplayed. I still think Copperwork will be too strong here."

"Unfortunately, I believe our third team will be exposed by Copperworks and go down 0.5 - 4.5"




Match 2:  Alwoodley B v West Leeds A


"West Leeds ‘A’ are in the doo-doo along with Forgrove 3. Alwoodley ‘B’  enjoyed an excellent 3-2 home win over Leeds CCCC 1 last week and they’ve had a pretty good season so far. I expect them to win this very comfortably. Alwoodley have a regular settled team who have all performed pretty well recently. If any West Leeds player avoids defeat they will have done well. I know from my own experience that Steven Priest can be a stubborn and resourceful defender so maybe he could help West Leeds avoid a whitewashing. There ought to be a bit of juice in this one mainly due the ratings differences between the two sides. I’d expect one or two attacks to connect."



"Although West Leeds are very much in trouble in the divsion they have of late been putting one or two results together - a win over your team Dave (had to mention that), and draws against our second and third teams. Of course, they were on the end of the obligatory 5-0 humping by Leeds CCCC 1. Alwoodley B have also drawn against us but lost against Leeds A! So what to make of it all? With Alwoodley B's boosting victory over a somewhat weakened Leeds CCCC 1 side the other week, I think they will carry that momentum into this match."

"Alwoodley B to win but not by much 3-2"



Match 3:  Rose Forgrove 1 v Rose Forgrove 2

"Well now, this one could be very interesting! For me Forgrove 2 have had an excellent season. Add to that Forgrove 1’s little wobble recently (they lost two of their last three matches to make the title race interesting again!) and I think you’ll have all the ingredients for a tight derby match up. It was 1½ – 3½ in the reverse fixture in February but neither team was at full strength. Indeed, two regular second team players played on 4 and 5 for the first team that night. Let’s hope that both teams are at full strength for this one. I still think Forgrove 1 will win a tight match. Last time Taka and Richard didn’t play and as a result Andy Bagley and Ian Hunter moved up to the first team. I expect (as will Alwoodley ‘A’!) a full strength line up for both teams. If this happens then I expect the top couple of boards to be decisive to the outcome. Taka and Richard to score 2/2 with the bottom 3 boards being shared. I’d guess the top boards will be rowdy with quieter games occurring further down the order."

"I’m going to predict 3½ – 1½ again as I think home advantage (white pieces) will be critical in this match."


"A straight 5-0 whitewash by the second team. Enough said. Unfortunately, back on planet earth this match will be a real tough test for us. I think, judging by previous seasons, that this match should very much go the way of the first team. However, the question really is, as Dave has put it are Rose Forgrove 1 wobbling at the business end of the season? Going by the way they ahve closed previous titles out, I think not. Simply, we will have to play extremely well and they will have to be performing below par. I will be attempting to get Archer out on a drinking session before the match kicks off (won't make me play any worse but it might him)"

"A solid 3.5 - 1.5 victory for the first team (he said through gritted teeth)"



Match 4:  Pudsey A v Alwoodley A

"This one should be really fascinating and also decisive in the title race. Alwoodley must win to keep up their challenge but Pudsey beat RF 1 away last week despite half the team turning up late due to traffic problems. If Pudsey are at full strength I think they could pull off another win. I’m going for a home victory! Matthew Webb’s presence is always helpful for Pudsey because it means the rest of the team can drop down a board. He hasn’t always been available this season and basing my match result on the assumption he will be playing on Wednesday. When Pudsey have their strongest line-up they are a match for anyone. Last week Ihor Lewyk and Mike Bramson did the damage on the bottom boards against RF1. I think they can score again in this match to secure a result. Andrew Bak isn’t normally the kind of player to shirk a sharp line if it’s available. I’d expect something complex and exciting on his board at least."

"It’s gonna be very tight. 3 – 2 to Pudsey is my guess."

"Well, now, this one will be interesting. Their last encounter was a real humdinger of a draw with four decisive games. Alwoodley A were at full strength for that one but Pudsey weren't. If they get Matty Webb back into the line-up this match may just swing the way of Pudsey. However, Alwoodley have been nothing if not resilient this season and have proved themselves to be a tough nut to crack as Leeds CCCC 1 have found out (Alwoodley A play them next week - talk about an easy run in!). This will be a tight match alright."

"I think this may once again end in a draw 2.5 - 2.5 and possibly put paid to Alwoodley's title hopes."



Match 5:  Leeds CCCC 1 v Leeds A

"Ok, this is my lot. Leeds A are capable of pulling off the occasional surprise but generally our league position just above the relegation zone is reflective of our strength and consistency. If CCCC get anything close to their strongest line up out then we could be in for a pasting. So much depends on the home team’s line up. If they are very strong then Leeds A will really struggle. However, assuming that CCCC don’t have someone like Mark Birkin on bottom board (it has been known!) I think we might nick a couple of draws or even a win further down the order. Khalid Mohammed has played board 4 for us most of this season and is in great form. He would be the most likely Leeds contender to hold out or win in my view. I’ll only go so far as to predict total mayhem on my own board if given the opportunity!"

"4 - 1 to the home side is my prediction."


"Actually, Dave I think that you may have a chance in this one....if Leeds CCCC 1 play blindfolded! Seriously, since they are pretty much out of the title running following last weeks loss against Alwoodley B, Leeds CCCC may just field a weakened side. Naturally, you will have to put out a slightly stronger side than you did against us Dave, i.e actually be physically present. Then you may just get a result out of this one."

"Gonna stick my neck out here and go with another 2.5 - 2.5 prediction. Good luck Dave!"



Webmaster Dave Shapland
 Rose Forgrove 3 v Copperworks A
0.5 - 4.5
1 - 4
Alwoodley B v West Leeds A
3 - 2
5 - 0
Rose Forgrove 1 v Rose Forgrove 2
3.5 - 1.5
3.5 - 1.5
Pudsey A v Alwoodley A
2.5 -2.5
3 - 2
Leeds CCCC 1 v Leeds A
2.5 - 2.5
4 - 1


The match results were as follows


Match Result
Rose Forgrove 3 v Copperworks A
0.5 - 4.5
Alwoodley B v West Leeds A
4.5 - 0.5
Rose Forgrove 1 v Rose Forgrove 2
3 - 2
Pudsey A v Alwoodley A
2 - 3
Leeds CCCC 1 v Leeds A
4 - 1


Aaargh! This makes the score Webmaster 5 Dave Shapland 6! A win for the guest. Well done Dave. As for the webmaster - traditional chastisement with cat-o-nine-tails and a concerted effort to improve on his predictive powers!


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