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Rose Forgrove: The Chronology
Rose Forgrove historyIn recent years Rose Forgrove Chess Club has been happily bathing in a great deal of success in the different events held under the auspices of the Leeds Chess Association. Indeed, most seasons in the last decade have ended up with the club gaining more than one piece of silverware. Last season we manage to pick up six trophies including two league titles, both the arjay trophy and plate as well as the rapidplay trophy. However, such success has not always been easy to come by. Rose Forgrove Chess Club has experienced, especially in the formative years, many seasons spent in the wilderness without a even a sniff of silverware. Gradually, the club developed attracting more and more players and gaining in strength. All of which acts as a reminder that a successful club should never stop continuing the building process.

Rose Forgrove: The Statistics 2011-12

Rose Forgrove statsWith another fine season with plenty of silverware in the bag for Rose Forgrove Chess Club it is time to focus on individual performances. Here is a closer inspection of those all important facts and figures. A breakdown of the percentages, the ratios and individual achievements of our club players during last season. These figures include not only the Leeds Chess Association leagues 1, 2 and 3 but also the various competitions run under the auspices of the LCA including the Arjay trophy and plate as well as the mini-league. Of course, not forgetting a statistical assessment of the performances of our players in the competitive Yorkshire Chess leagues.

Rose Forgrove: In The Papers

Rose Forgrove in the papersDid you know that chess in Leeds is growing at a pace? Rose Forgrove chess club has not been slow to show its support for this rapid growth. Recently, Rose Forgrove contacted the main local newspaper the Yorkshire Evening Post and managed to get an agreement to create a two-page article on the growth of Leeds chess. Hopefully, this article will encourage not only more people to take up the game locally, but also generate greater publicity for chess in the future. Club webmaster David Hirst met with YEP journalist Neil Hudson to discuss the finer points of Leeds chess and to play a game or two to hopefully convince Neil of the attractiveness of our great pastime.

Rose Forgrove: Members Grades

members gradesThanks to the terrific work of the guys running the Yorkshire Chess Association Grading List website (http://www.chessnuts.org.uk/) access to Rose Forgrove club members grades is more accessible than ever. There were certainly a few changes in the grades of our players from last season to the beginning of this one. With some notable increases and perhaps some not so auspicious decreases.


Leeds AGM

Leeds AGM

A look at the 2011 LCA agm that took place in June of that year

YCA Constitution

YCA Constitution

Details of the rules governing Yorkshire chess and the main officers involved

LCA Constitution

LCA Constitution

Details of the rules governing Leeds chess and the main officers involved


Chess Quote

Alexander Alekhine"The fact that a player is very short of time is to my mind, as little to be considered as an excuse as, for instance, the statement of the law-breaker that he was drunk at the time he committed the crime."

Alexander Alekhine

Did You Know

Clive DaviesThat club member Clive Davies went through most of the 2010-11 chess season from November through till April unbeaten. This included 30 games that consisted of 12 wins and 18 draws


Rose Forgrove: The Statistics 2010-11

Rose Forgrove statsWith another successful season accomplished by Rose Forgrove chess club, it is time to take stock of the facts and figures that got us there. A breakdown of the statistics of the clubs' best performing players from the 2010-11 season. These figures include not only the Leeds Chess Association leagues 1, 2 and 3 but also the various competitions run under the auspices of the LCA including the Arjay trophy and plate as well as the mini-league. Of course, not forgetting a statistical assessment of the performances of our players in the competitive Yorkshire Chess leagues.

Rose Forgrove: Club Calendar 2012

Club CalendarThis years Rose Forgrove Chess Club summer calendar is now out. The club will host a whole plethora of events during those balmy summer evenings. Members please put them in your diary. Also, any newcomers, this is the ideal time to come down and visit our club. You are sure to receive a warm welcome and plenty of chess games.

Rose Forgrove: At The County Championships

Yorkshire RoseHaving been fortunate enough (along with club member Paul Howden) to have been part of the Yorkshire under 160's team during their recent matches, I have created a blog of how the Yorkshire stalwarts made the long old haul to reach the English chess county championship finals. Four matches, 56 individual games, over 100 hours of chess and more than 350 miles travelled – all for the joy of chess and love of Yorkshire! Read about our journey here.

Rose Forgrove: At The Congresses

Chess CongressMany of our club members have been busy during the summer and autumn months. Not content with waiting for the LCA and YCA league seasons to start, they have been targeting various congresses in the meantime. Their efforts have yielded a fair amount of success along the way. .


Contact Us
Contact us

Want to play for our club? Interested in a few social games? Or do you want to get involved in the cut and thrust of competitive league action? Whatever suits you then get in touch with us now

Club History
Club history

A basic guide to the beginnings of Rose Forgrove Chess Club and the most recent successes that it has enjoyed

RFCC Photo Album
Rose Forgrove photo album
A collection of photographs taken in recent years of the players, venues and events of Rose Forgrove Chess ClubL

RFCC Championship 2012

The 2012 Rose Forgrove club championship saw much bloodshed on the boards as decisive game after decisive game featured for much of the event

RF Club Championship 2012

The Opening Round

Members were dusting off their old chess books and psyching themselves up for an assault on one of world sports most prized titles!

RF Club Championship

Round 2

With a big upset in round one was there going to be any more turbulent troubles for the higher graded players?

RF Club Championship

Round 3

The halfway stage and the this years event was really shaping up into a wide-open affair.

RF Club Championship

Round 4

The crucial stages and if there is one thing that is almost always rewarded in chess.....it is patience!

RF Club Championship

Round 5

The penulitmate round. It was now time for some jockeying for position as the home straight approached

RF Club Championship

The Final Round

The final round and there were still five players within a point of each other and they were all drawn to play one another!


RFCC Competitions

A look at how the 2011 club events held during the summer months panned out

RF Rapidplay


The club rapidplay championship was played out on Wednesday 3rd August 2011. The format was a 6 round affair made up of five 15 minute games. The event threw up some frantic finishes

RF Lightning


The club lightning championship was a 6 round event with players having to move 'on the buzzer', beginning with a 10 second timer and moving on to 5 seconds per move if necessary.

RF Blitz


The club blitz championship was a 12 round format with each player having the allotted 5 minutes to complete their game. Players drawn against each other would play two games.

RF Handicap


The club handicap championship was a 6 round affair made up of 20 minute games. Time allocation for each player was dependent on their grade and the grade of their opponent.


RFCC Championship 2011

The 2011 Rose Forgrove club championship was a wide-open and dramatic affair with more than a few twists

RF Club Championship

The Opening Rounds

Unfurl the banners, sound the fanfare, bring out the bunting and leap like a gazelle with joy. Why? The club championship got underway, of course!

RF Club Championship

Rounds 3 & 4

Some serious shuffling of positions on the club championship leaderboard! Who would be left in with a shout of winning the coveted title?

RF Club Championship

The Final Rounds

Drama to surpass anything your boring telly can offer. This years' nail-biter of a club championship went to the wire!