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The Rose Forgrove Chess Club Quiz

Welcome to the Rose Forgrove Chess Club quiz! A feast of questions all about us including the history, players, trophies won and teams that encompass the club


  1. Who did Rose Forgrove 1 defeat in the final game of the 2011-12 season to claim the LCA division 1 title?

  2. Alwoodley A
    Copperworks A
    West Leeds A
    Pudsey A

  3. How many times has Rose Forgrove won the LCA Arjay double (trophy and plate) in the last 7 years?

  4. 1

  5. Which Rose Forgrove player jointly won the Leeds Ellis Trophy in the 2011-12 season?

  6. Martin Blythe
    Andy Bagley
    Paul Howden
    Keith Riach

  7. In which season did Rose Forgrove last have two teams playing in the YCA Woodhouse Cup?

  8. 2005-06

  9. Which four players made up the Rose Forgrove 13 team which broke the Leaman Browne monopoly by winning the LCA Rapidplay Trophy in the 2010-11 season?

  10. Rich Archer, Mike Round, Ian Hunter ,Clive Davies
    Rich Archer, Roger Jennings, Eddie Hurwitz , Clive Davies
    Taka Chipanga, Paul Howden, Rob Letton, Keith Riach
    Taka Chipanga, Mike Round, Roger Jennings, Clive Davies

  11. Which Rose Forgrove player also turns out regularly for the Minster Inn team in York?

  12. Martin Blythe
    David Grant
    Mark White
    Rob Letton

  13. Which Rose Forgrove player was the 2nd most improved standard player on the YCA grading lists for 2011?

  14. Rashpal Potiwal
    Clive Davies
    Martin Blythe
    Peter Clark

  15. Which Rose Forgrove player has beaten International Master Richard Palliser in both standard and rapidplay in the 2011-12 season?

  16. Rich Archer
    Taka Chipanga
    Mike Round
    Helmut Auer

  17. Where does Rose Forgrove Chess Club get its name from?

  18. A metal engineering factory
    A synthetic Plastics Company
    A electrical engineering company
    A flower stall

  19. Where do Rose Forgrove play their home games in the LCA league?

  20. The Red Lion Pub, Leeds
    The Parochial Hall, Roundhay
    North Leeds WMC, Leeds
    The Deer Park Pub, Roundhay

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