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Multiple Choice Chess

Multiple choice chessIn order to find the best move in any given chess position, a player has to be able to demonstrate several layers of ability. In the first instance there is the matter of who controls the central squares?, what about king safety?, are there any open files and diagonals?, where are the weak squares?, what about the position of the pieces, which pieces to exchange?, what sort of pawn configuration exists on the board?, who has the advantage?, and where to start the attack? Well fortunately the candidate moves have already been established for you. So, this challenge should be easy. Think again! It is one thing to be aware of the possible continuations, it is quite another to understand which is the best.

YCA Games

YCA gamesA look at some of the most interesting games posted by Yorkshire players on the quality Yorkshire Chess Association website

Palliser Games Test

Richard PalliserSome great little testers from the games of one of Yorkshire's finest, kindly illustrated on the Alwoodley chess club site

King Of Games

King of gamesDid you know that chess in Leeds is growing at a pace? Rose Forgrove chess club has not been slow to show its support for this rapid growth. Recently, Rose Forgrove contacted the main local newspaper the Yorkshire Evening Post and managed to get an agreement to create a two-page article on the growth of Leeds chess. Hopefully, this article will encourage not only more people to take up the game locally, but also generate greater publicity for chess in the future. Club webmaster David Hirst met with YEP journalist Neil Hudson to discuss the finer points of Leeds chess and to play a game or two to hopefully convince Neil of the attractiveness of our great pastime.

Match Reports

match reports

Keep abreast of those raucous match reports arrowed in by our very own Archer

Oops I Blundered Again

Britney Spears

The blunder is an integral part of the game of chess but it can be a multi-layered beast

Members Grades

Members grades

Keep up with the latest ups and downs that exist at the YCA grades

Playing Formats

Skinning a cat!Chess is a rich and complex game and there is quite simply a whole host of ways to proverbially skin a cat. If your club night is suffering from the winter blues then one way to create greater interest is to adopt different playing formats. Chess can be played within a whole host of different time frames and different piece configurations. If your club players are looking to find new ways to hone their chess skills then take a look at these manifold chess playing formats.


The Isolani

The Isolated PawnA fascinating lecture from the Kenilworth Chess Club website. Fide Master Steve Stoyko goes through the various attacking plans and tactics on offer for the player with the white pieces. The lecture focuses on the isolated queen pawn or "Isolani" position, which can occur in a wide range of openings, including Caro-Kann, Semi-Tarrasch, Alekhine, c3-Sicilian, Nimzo-Indian, Queens Gambit Accepted, and even the Benoni.



The Two Weaknesses

two weaknessesThe "Two Weaknesses Principle" is one of the most important techniques for exploiting an advantage in chess. Often positions can arise whereby the attacker focuses his attention on a weak pawn or square but the defender can hold out despite this. It is at this moment that the defence needs to be stretched to breaking point. The way to proceed is identify a second weakness and exploit it! Take a look at this instructive article by Mark Dvoretsky from the brilliant Chess Cafe website.




Club Games I
Andy Bagley

Andy Bagley

The Rose Forgrove 2 top board player demonstrates the fine art of opportunism

Dominic Gallagher

Dominic Gallagher

When he is on his game Dominic can produce some sparkling stuff.

Rich Archer

Rich Archer

Great writer, successful captain, tremendous modesty and a real kitchen-sink thrower.

David Hirst

David Hirst

The Forgrove webmaster can, on rare occasions, actually play some decent chess!


Modern Masters

Is modern chess simply repeating the teachings of the past? or is there something unique and special about the players of our generation?

The Rooks Of Kasparov

Every piece gets invited to the Kasparov party. So, it is no surprise that his rooks often deliver the coup de grace

Gary Kasparov

The Invention Of Ivanchuk

There are chess moves and then there are Ivanchuk moves. The master of invention finds some truly startling ideas

Vassily Ivanchuk

Kamsky's Fighting Chess

Winning a won game or making your advantage count is never easy in chess. Against Kamsky it's a nightmare!

Gata Kamsky

Club Games II

More games submitted by Rose Forgrove club members

Martin Blythe

Martin Blythe

When he gets on a roll the Blythe spirit floats through his games

Keith Riach

Keith Riach

Defending difficult positions and turning the tables is a Riach speciality

Paul Howden

Paul Howden

Never afraid of taking the fight to his opponent, Paul can often upset the odds

Andy Ross


A collection of games from various club members


If any Rose Forgrove member has any game that they wish to submit to the website then please contact the webmaster via: