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RFCC Rapidplay 2012
Setting up for the rapidplay

The 2012 club rapidplay took place on Wednesday 8th August in glorious sunshine. But unfortunately indoors! The usual suspects turned up except for Mike Round who in a pique of chess humanitarianism decided not to turn up and slaughter all and sundry. This left the tournament wide-open with many players fancying their chances. The rapidplay was a 6 round event with each player having 15 minutes per game. This would give just enough time to avoid those typical blitz blunders that can sometimes occur....or would it?! No, the extra thinking time simply allowed players to come up with even more imaginative blunders as the cussing and cursing, deep sighs and moans still reverberated around the Parochial Hall.


Rich "lager top" Archer was the first to jump into the lead and faced David "collapses after 2 games" Hirst. A tragically boring draw ensued allowing them to be swamped by Clive "clock-pressing lecturer" Davies. Also, Warren "Bulmer's" Dennison was prowling around the top of the leaderboard after the first few rounds. Then came a charge by Andy "fast-fingers" Ross. It was all hotting up at the top of the leaderboard as Paul "cracking tan" Howden tricked a barely conscious Hirst into losing his queen and was chasing down the leaders. In the end, the rapidplay came down to a three-way tie for first place as well as a two-way tie for second place, such was the close nature of the contest.  

The tricky Paul Howden!


Club 15 MinuteTop Finishers
Clive Davies
Warren Dennison
Andy Ross
Paul Howden
Peter Clark
Rich Archer
Helmut Auer
David Hirst
Neil Bolton
Alex King


Congratulations are in order to Clive Davies, Warren Dennison and Andy Ross who all finished on 4/6 points and thus shared the honours. Close behind were both Paul Howden and Peter Clark who continues to impress. A good time was had by all. What with the good weather a second contest was put on at the end of the main event. As many of the players were wearing shorts, the inaugural Rose Forgrove knobbly-knees championship was keenly contested. The outright winner was Warren Dennison with both Rich Archer and Alex King taking the silver medal. However, the smart money is on Davies to usurp Dennison next week if the weather continues to be warm.

the rapidplay 2012 winners









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