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RFCC Blitz 2012
Roger Returns

The 2012 Club Blitz tournament took place on Wednesday 29th August. The event saw the welcome return of Roger Jennings (pictured left) and Super Stan Aleksandrowicz to club action and of course Mike "the terminator" Round was back to dish out some more punishment to club members. The format was 12 individual games for each person playing their opponents twice - with black and white. The allotted time was 5 minutes each for individual games.


One of the surprise early pace setters was Helmut Auer who then faced the co-leader Mike Round and was promptly blasted off the board. David "sober??" Hirst also defeated a rusty Roger Jennings 2-0. This left Mike and myself with 100% records. We then played each other in two very close see-sawing games where I had the material advantage in the endings both times but Mike had a good advantage on the clock. The Terminator soon flicked out a series of fast moves in the endings and duly beat me on time in both games.

A Sober(?) Hirst


Progressive Paul

Mike continued to mercilessly crush his remaining opponents. Meanwhile Paul Howden was beginning to make progress up the leaderboard. Then, I played an outrageous game with Super Stan. Having won the first game and then won a piece in the second game I was in fact in desperate clock trouble. I had about 10 seconds left with Stan having a minute and a half! Nevertheless, the position was complicated and Stan looked for a way to mate whilst I blasted out moves immediately. Unbelievably, 6 or 7 moves later I was winning on time!! Stan tried to analyse to a win but lost on time in doing so.


In the end, nobody could stand up to the remorseless Mike Round as he completed an outstanding performance with a 100% record, 12 wins out of 12! Congratulations to Mike Round who is the 2012 Rose Forgrove Blitz champion. Mike was a whole 4 points clear of his nearest rival.

The Termintor aka Mike Round


Club Blitz Top Finishers
Mike Round
David Hirst
Paul Howden
Roger Jennings
Stan Aleksandrowicz
Clive Davies
Andy Ross
Keith Riach
Helmut Auer
Neil Bolton










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