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RFCC Simultaneous 2012


The 2012 Club Champion Simultaneous was played out on Wednesday 22nd August. The new club champion Warren Dennison was put to the test by eight club members. To make things devilishly difficult Warren had to play alternate colours. With a pint of Bulmers in one hand Warren was ready to do battle against the Forgrove masses. He even kindly produced a report of the evenings proceedings which is recounted below:

Warren carefully preparing


Clive explains to Andy B how he shoved Capablanca out of the door when he didn't pay his board fees

"Not only is there no prize or trophy for the club champion but I was even asked to pay a £3 board fee to take part in the simul. What a liberty! Clive even joked about charging me £3 per board. (ed - must remember to cancel Garry Kasparov simul at the club or could end up with Davies/Kasparov handbags at five paces!) Somehow the three highest rated players I was up against all managed to get the white pieces!"


Keith has just realised that he's forgotten to tape The X Factor

The best game for Warren was Dennison v Riach: as Warren recounts.."I played my best game against Keith. I chose 6.Bc4 against Keith's Najdorf and then obtained relentless pressure against his king side castled position. Ever the gentleman, Keith didn't resign and allowed me to complete a nice sacrificial checkmate." Win


Bagley v Dennison: is becoming a regular feature as these two toughed it out in important games last season in the Ellis trophy and club championship. Unfortunately Warren lamented that "Andy Bagley played the same line against the Slav Defence that he played with devastating effect against me in the Ellis trophy. I played a lot better this time but he gradually wore me down and got the full point." Loss

Warren explains to Clive how to play the Alekhine


Warren doing the rounds

Dennison v Blythe: "I had the better of the opening against Martin emerging a pawn up. Then I foolishly tried to grab an extra pawn not realising that it would cost me a piece. I battled on for some time but Martin's material advantage eventually bore fruit and he got the win." Loss.


Auer v Dennison: "Helmut was robbed! He was a piece up and had me in all sorts of trouble but I spotted a sneaky rook sacrifice. Fortunately for me, Helmut missed it and was completely taken aback when he realised that the sacrifice forced mate in two. A bit of a swindle, but nonetheless a point to me." Win


Dennison v King: "Alex played an unusual take on the Two Knights defence which threw me a little as I'd never seen it before but it proved to be unsound as his king got pinned down in the centre of the board and he lost a lot of material before the eventual checkmate." Win

Ross v Dennison: "Andy Ross sprung a surprise by playing Bird's opening. I responded with From's gambit but Andy declined the second pawn and then had me in all sorts of trouble with my king ending up on the g3 square. Somehow I escaped from the opening only a pawn down but Andy made this pawn count in the endgame and got the win." Loss

Dennison v Bolton: "My game against Neil was pretty even going into the endgame but then Neil unwisely exchanged bishops allowing my king to infiltrate his position and win the pawn ending." Win

Davies v Dennison: "Clive played his usual Versesov attack and always had a bit of an edge which he eventually converted into a win." Loss


Club Champion Simultaneous
Warren Dennison
1 - 0
Keith Riach
Andy Bagley
1 - 0
Warren Dennison
Warren Dennison
0 - 1
Martin Blythe
Helmut Auer
0 - 1
Warren Dennison
Warren Dennison
1 - 0
Alex King
Andy Ross
1 - 0
Warren Dennison
Warren Dennison
1 - 0
Neil Bolton
Clive Davies
1 - 0
Warren Dennison


Warren Dennison Congratulations to Warren Dennison who put together a highly commendable display as the reigning club champion. He totalled 4 wins and 4 losses scoring 50% in the process. All of this done during imminent fatherhood! An amazing effort.














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