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So, What's new?

The Leeds chess scene is rapidly expanding in many ways and as the number of players increase it is almost inevitable that there will be the development of new clubs in the area. Through the efforts of various chess enthusiasts in Leeds two new clubs have been established to cater for our swelling ranks.


New Clubs

Leeds City Centre Chess Club

Old Red Lion Pub, Leeds CCCC venueThe Leeds City Centre Chess Club was established in late 2011 and was the brainchild of popular Leeds chess player Peter Mason. Originally part of the Rose Forgrove chess club, Peter was aware of the lack of a chess club in the city centre. Through his industrious efforts Peter managed to obtain a venue (The Old Red Lion Pub pictured left) and recruit a variety of notable Leeds chess players to the club. Having gained approval from the LCA to establish the new club in the first division of the Leeds chess leagues, Peter has clearly justified this decision as the city centre club are currently lying in the top three of the first division, pushing hard for the title. Such players as International Master Richard Palliser and ex-Irish international Colm Barry are among those listed at the club.


New Members


This season we have welcomed through our club doors various new members who have helped us to boost our teams both in the Leeds and Yorkshire chess leagues. It is always satisfying to gain new members as it shows that we are sending out a positive message to those interested in playing club chess in Leeds. The following players are our latest recruits:

Taka Chipanga

Actually, Taka previously played for Rose Forgrove chess club several years ago so he was no stranger to match play and we were already aware of how strong a player he is. Therefore, it came as no surprise when this was reflected in his performances in both the LCA and YCA, leading from the front on board one for our top teams. These terrific performances have peaked in Rose Forgrove 1's match against Leeds CCCC 1 in the Leeds chess league when Taka managed to topple International Master Rich Palliser!

Warren Dennison

It was clear from the back end of last season when Warren joined our club that he was going to be a very effective addition to our teams in the LCA and YCA leagues. Warren's performances for Rose Forgrove 3 enabled them to return to the top division in Leeds last season. Now installed on top board for the third team and on the top boards in the YCA league for Rose Forgrove B, Warren is toughing it out against higher rated players and gaining some useful match play experience.

David Grant

Young David was already running riot on top board for the Leeds University chess team in the second division of the Leeds chess league, steamrollering most of his opposition. After facing Rich Archer in a rapidplay game, David was obviously so impressed with Rich's play and glowing enthusiasm for chess that he decided to come and play for us on Saturdays. David is now performing admirably on the top boards of our Rose Forgrove A team in the Yorkshire chess league.

Martin Store

Just arrived this season, Martin has quietly worked his way into the Rose Forgrove 4 team in the Leeds league. Still, finding his feet in the chess scene, he has managed to put together some useful wins and was part of the team that put together an impressive win over Pudsey B despite being outgraded. Martin has also filled in for the Rose Forgrove 2 team when called upon.





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