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Alwoodley A v Rose Forgrove A

rich archer

Match report by Rich Archer Rose Forgrove A correspondent

Match Week 2

  • Venue: Alwoodley CC
  • Date: Saturday, 29 October 2011
Team News
 The big Leeds encounter between these old rivals saw the return of Taka Chipanga for Rose Forgrove A. Similarly, Alwoodley A were able to strengthen their side with John Hall coming in on top board.
Match Preview
 Alwoodley A were looking for their first points of the season and Rose Forgrove A were looking to bounce back from their defeat against reigning champs York RI A.

The last three encounters between these two teams favoured Alwoodley A who had won one and the other two were drawn.

Match Report
With Captain Fantastic (Clive) unavailable the great pleasure of motivating the Rose Forgrove team against their bitter enemies Alwoodley fell to me the ever mature, trustworthy and all round good egg Rich Archer. My motivation was if I could get a win without Clive he might let me captain the team again.

First decision - board order. I decided to give Mike and Eddie the black pieces. To give them the white pieces would be like putting velvet hats on a couple of piggies. It makes no difference what colour they play with, it's gonna be dull, they never make use of the advantage of being white. As Fred Trueman would have said it would be "wasted on thee!"

Second decision - Youth policy. Promote me to Board 2 and give the white pieces to Mark White against Jim "the drawmeister" Vickery in the hope that he can grind him down. With his first appearance on Saturday this year we welcomed Taka to Board 1.


Alwoodley A
Rose Forgrove A
Name Grade Result Name Grade
John Hall 196 0.5 - 0.5 Taka Chipanga 186
Mark Birkin 182 0.5 - 0.5 Rich Archer 177
Jim Vickery 174 0.5 - 0.5 Mark White 185
Mark Priest 174 0 - 1 Mike Round 174
Simon Deighton 166 0 - 1 Roger Jennings 175
Gabor Batonyi 166 0.5 - 0.5 Eddie Hurwitz 163
Robin Browne 157 0.5 - 0.5 Andy Bagley 165
Rupert Jones 153 1 - 0 Stan Aleksandrowicz 150

Stan Aleksandrowicz can't have been studying his Penguin book of chess openings for complete beginners. Playing black he went into a nice normal Ruy Lopez (something every schoolboy knows inside out) and then completely lost his way, together with a pawn and any chances of winning. Rupert seemed to be having a jolly old time stuffing Stan, so good he even forgot his cough !!

Alwoodley A 1-0 Leeds Rose Forgrove A

george bush

Fast Eddie Hurwitz took on Gabor, a contest which the virgin Captain had down for a draw. Queens were swapped early. A bit of manoeuvring ensued. Then, Gabor played an interesting move combination, Eddie initially thought he could win a piece, but soon saw this wasn't the case. They swapped a few bits off and agreed a draw, spending more time on post- match analysing than actually playing it!

Alwoodley A 1.5 - 0.5 Leeds Rose Forgrove A

Andy Bagley played into a line of the Benoni which he liked. His opponent Robin Browne was moving quickly enough to suggest he was also comfortable. Andy seemed to be gaining the upper hand until he confused his lines. Robin needed no encouragement and went on the attack, only a timely trading of queens stopped Andy from a certain death. A quick look at the other positions convinced Andy to shake Robin's hand. After match analysis suggests that Robin underestimated his position when offering Andy a draw in the ending.

Alwoodley A 2 - 1 Leeds Rose Forgrove A

Eddie and Mike take note! Roger Jennings took full advantage of his white pieces, entering his well known Kings Indian Attack. He developed a quiet position that he knows well. I had no doubt that this position suited Roger and fully expected him to win. Roger gradually pushed forward and forced Simon to give his Queen up for a rook and a piece. Roger's technique did the rest. Simon eventually lost on time. A man of the match performance - we were level!

Alwoodley A 2 - 2 Leeds Rose Forgrove A

man of match

Taka's first outing this season gave him black against John Hall. At the time of writing John's grade is 206 so Taka was going to be in for a difficult encounter, or so we thought! Taka had all the answers to anything John tried. He probably should've won, but John defended resolutely when a pawn down in a rook and pawn ending. Taka couldn't force his isolated past pawn home and took a draw. A great game from Taka, he celebrated by going home and watching the X-Factor!

Alwoodley A 2.5 - 2.5 Leeds Rose Forgrove A

Mark Birkin surprised me with 2.Na3 in the Sicilian (normally I get to at least move 4 before I am clueless about the opening!). So like most of my games I completely made the opening up as I went along. He lined his bishop and queen on the long b1-h7 diagonal but after some clever manoeuvring I exchanged the queens to blunt the initial threats. I then incorrectly played too passively (sitting next to Mike must be rubbing off on me) thinking I was at least drawing. We ended up with 2 rooks and opposite colour bishops each. Mark tried to force the issue and almost gave me the advantage when after the time control he offered the draw. I assessed the other boards (Mark drawing and Mike down, but with his opponent very short of time I thought he'd at least draw) and so took the draw.

Alwoodley A 3 - 3 Leeds Rose Forgrove A

Try as he might Mark couldn't break down Jim Vickery's stubborn defence. Whatever Mark threw Jim defended. Mark was offered a draw around the 15th move and after consulting the captain, decided the match position needed him to win. They ended up with 2 pawns each (g&h) and a rook a piece. Mark had no option but to take a draw and hope Mikey would at least get the same result.

Alwoodley A 3.5 - 3.5 Leeds Rose Forgrove A

Dr Mark Priest outplayed Mike for almost 40 moves. A nice steady opening gave Mark a space advantage and he eventually gained a pawn. The game developed into a rook and knight each ending with Mark being one, then two pawns in front; however it wasn't that straight forward - Mark had less than 5 mins left, Mike had 20. Mark tried to play quicker to allow himself enough time seal the win, but he stumbled into a Round cheapo, which lost his rook for Mike's knight. Mike didn't need any more encouragement and duly converted to give Forgrove the victory.

Final Score: Alwoodley A 3.5 - 4.5 Rose Forgrove A

A great result, well done gents! Once again we have the bragging rights in Leeds. Almost following Taka's lead, I celebrated by going home and watching the XXX Factor (the talent gets better each year!)


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